Consultation Terms & Conditions

By accepting terms and conditions and continuing to upload the case, I confirm that I do have a signed consent form for this patient authorizing the use of this information to Academy of Dental Excellence for educational purposes.

STATUTORY DECLARATION: By selecting “I Accept”, I do solemnly and sincerely declare that
    (1) The opinion from Dr. Mahony or other assigned moderators does not signify that the treating clinician would be able to achieve the same standards or results.
    (2) The opinion must not be shown to the patient and or parents.
    (3) The patient and or parent should be given the opportunity to seek a Specialist Orthodontist for a second opinion, and not be told that this opinion is in any way as good as a clinical consultation with a Specialist.
    (4) In the event of legal action arising from this treatment, Dr. Mahony or other assigned moderators will not be held liable for offering an opinion. Dr. Mahony is willing to support the treating clinician in the event of a litigation or disciplinary hearing, but would not be able to do this if his name is associated with the diagnosis and or treatment of the case. 

The information provided by Dr. Mahony or the members on these pages is suggestive only. Any diagnosis, prescription or advice should be the decision and sole responsibility of the participant doctor using this material.